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Antifit Jeans – You only like your streetwear denims straight. Open up your mind and be part of the antifit trend. Anti fit Jeans are a mixture of different well-known styles: Take the waist part of a baggy, leg cut of a straight and make it tapered towards the bottom. The casual cut pair of trousers is also called ‘tapered’. As we are always in touch with new brands we found ‘just rhyse’ and is has, besides other very impressive fashion stuff, some very cool anti fit jeans – take a look at this bestseller fromJust Rhyse. It is a wonderful feeling, when pants offer you more freedom in the upper region and at the same time, they are tight at the legs. It sounds like an ideal modern urban jeans and within every wardrobe there should be the right clothes to your very special ensemble. And by the way, we at TSW Top Streetwear also sell great apparel online. Just imagine yourself at the next weekend. Maybe you want to go out for some cocktails. What are you wearing besides your great new antifit jeans? Now browse through our online shop and get the trendy parts of your next metropolitan outfit.
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