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STYLE: Streetwear


Streetwear takes takes it roots from somewhere between skateboarding back in the 1980's and urban fashion associated with hip hop, over in Japan streetwear is pretty much dubbed 'Urban Fashion', everywhere else the 'urban' look is defined as hip hop. These days we think of streetwear as an alternative to the mainstream alternative boredom of the high street and department stores. Streetwear is independent in nature and creative at heart, born on the streets and flowing with underground design talent. Taking inspiration from a fusion of skate and hip hop Yukka stocks the pinacle of streetwear brands today from NY labels such as Crooks & Castles, Mishka and 10 Deep; LA brands such as Crooks & Castles and The Hundreds to global heavyweights from Adidas Originals...good Streetwear is hard to find, but you're in the right place here.

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